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General Race Rules(PR150+)


1.    The starting time for Puerto Rico 150 Miles Endurance Run is at 6:00 a.m. Saturday, December 2, 2017.


2.    Runners must check in at the start line 1 hour and 30 minutes (4:30 a.m.) prior to the start time ready to race with their support crew, transportation and equipment. Any unsigned waivers must be submitted by then.


3.    The racers will have seven (7) time stations or check points, located at miles 57, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 180 (finish line). The crew must call the race director to notify them of their arrival at each check point. The Check Points are:


·        Mile Marker 57: San Juan, PR (San Jorge Children's Hospital)

·        Mile Marker 75: Naranito, PR (Puente la Plata)

·        Mile Marker 100: Orocovis, PR (PR-143)

·        Mile Marker 125: Adjuntas, PR (PR-143 & HWY 10)

·        Mile Marker 150: Lares, PR (PR-111)        

·        Mile Marker 175: Aguada, PR (PR-115)        

·        Mile Marker 180: Finish Line(Rincon, PR – Domes Beach)


4.    All runners must wear their race bib number in the front of the body, unmodified and visible at all times during the race. It may not be worn on the head or hat.


5.    The clock does not stop for any reason until the race course officially closes 56 hours after the official start time. After the 56th hour any remaining runners in the race will be officially off the race for all purposes. Their total mileage will be posted and their efforts will be admired by all.


6.    All runners must arrive at each Check Point within the specified cut off time:

7.    If a runner does not arrive at a check point within the cut off time they will be officially removed off the race. If a runner continues or remains in the race their finish time will not be considered by the race director nor he/she will be considered as a runner or finisher for purposes of the Official race. ***Runners are required to reach the top monument of Cerro Punta(Highest Point of Puerto Rico). A picture of the runner in the monument is mandatory and must be sent to race officials to publish the location of the runner.


8.    Runners and support crew are required to proceed with caution at all times during the race.  Running must always be in right side with support crew vehicle behind (pacers, too). If the running vehicle is not behind the runner, running must be always in single line on the left side of the road facing traffic (pacers too). When sidewalks are available we strongly recommend using them.


9.    Runners must make their presence known at all mentioned Check Points located along the route. Runner arrival times at Check Points will be recorded and made public. The runners crew must call or send a text message to: (787)375-1111 or (787)505-8101.


10. The race Officially starts at Roosevelt Roads(Easternmost Point of Puerto Rico).


11. The race Officially ends at the Lighthouse of the Municipality of Rincon, PR in Domes Beach(Westernmost Point of Puerto Rico).


12. Runners, crew, and staff must not litter, destroy, or pollute the landscape or environment.  Runners, crew and staff are responsible for collecting their garbage.


13. All racers, crew and staff must display courtesy, good taste, decorum, and sportsmanship at all times. Nudity is specifically not allowed.


14. All applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age when submitting an application to race.


15. All runners must follow and complete the entire application and entry process, filling out all forms and paying all necessary fees when required.


16. Each Runner's Support Crew shall have a designated Crew Chief at all times during the race and his or her name, telephone and email address must be provided to the race organizers. All crew chiefs must study all race rules and information about supporting a runner and organizing and overseeing a support team, as well as study all email correspondence sent by the race organizers. Each Crew Chief is to be primarily responsible for managing the support crew, maintaining adherence to all race rules, state and local laws, and common sense, as well as overseeing the Health and Safety of all crew members and the runner at all times.


17. The names and email addresses of all support crew members must be provided to race organizers. All crew members must study all race rules and information about supporting a runner and organizing a support team, as well as study all email correspondence sent by the race organizers.


18. All runners and all crew members must sign the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability.


19. All race vehicles must meet the minimum requirements of property damage and personal injury liability automobile insurance. All vehicle drivers must be fully licensed and comply with all DTOP regulations.


20. Drivers, runners, and crew members are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during the race. This offense will be sufficient to justify immediate expulsion from the race.


21. All entrants must make a donation to San Jorge Childrens Foundation prior to Race Check-In.


22. During Race Check-In, all entrants must display their headlamps, and blinking lights - which will be worn and utilized by the runner and crew during nighttime periods of the race. Runners without satisfactory quality, or quantity, nighttime safety equipment will not be allowed to participate in the race.


23. Each racer must be accompanied by a support crew comprised of no more than one four-wheeled motor vehicle and at least two and no more than four crew members - at least two of whom are legally licensed to drive and at least one of whom can speak Spanish and English - at all times.


24. Each racer must have his or her own personal support crew and vehicle; crew and support vehicles may not be shared, except informally in the spirit of the event, i.e., crews may lend assistance to other racers or crews. Race entrants may have no more than one support vehicle at a time and no more than four crew members in total on the race course.


25. Wheeled conveyances (other than a motorized support vehicle), including in-line skates, strollers, and bicycles, are prohibited on the course at all times. Runners accompanied by any such conveyance will be disqualified.


26. Laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and/or federal laws, rules, and regulations, must be respected at all times. In particular, support vehicle drivers and crews are reminded that phones must only be operated by the driver with a hands-free device; seat belts must be worn by all vehicle occupants at all times while moving.


27. Only support vehicles approved by the DTOP are allowed in the race.


28. All race vehicles must have highly visible signage on the back of the vehicle stating "CAUTION RUNNERS ON ROAD," PRECAUCION CORREDOR EN LA CALLE. This signage will be provided by the race officials during race Check-In.


29. All support vehicles must have their racer's name and race number easily and clearly visible on all four sides. The race number must be at least 11" (28cm) tall and the racer's name must be at least 6" (15cm) tall. Marking windows with tape or temporary markers is allowed.


30. Remember, at all times and in all situations, safety is the most important issue. This means safety for racers, crew, staff, and the general public. The roads are not closed for this event and are, in fact, quite busy with local traffic.


31. For the duration of the race, including daylight, all crew members must wear high-visibility clothing and/or vests.


32. From 6:00pm to 6:00am each day (night) of the event, while outside on the race course, all racers and all crewmembers/pacers must wear reflective material facing in all four directions, as well as blinking red lights facing front and rear. Also a headlamp is required for safe visibility. Disqualification will be enforced for any runner or crew member who flagrantly disregards nighttime running rules and common sense on the roadway.


33. Every inch of the course must be traveled by each racer. In the event of a routing error, e.g., wrong turn, the racer may be driven back to the exact original spot where he/she left the course and continue running from that location. There will be no allowance made for lost time or miles run in the wrong direction.


34. If a racer needs to leave the course, his/her crew must note the exact location with a numbered stake in the ground. This numbered stake must be visible from the road in both directions. The racer must then resume the race from the same place that he/she left it. The numbered stakes will be provided to all runners at Runner Check-In. Racers may only leave the course for appropriate reasons such as rest or medical attention. Focus must be kept on the speedy completion of the course.


35. If a racer withdraws, he/she or his/her crew must contact Race Organizers immediately. Name, reason for withdrawal, time of withdrawal, and miles completed must be stated. All racers and crew who drop are encouraged - and expected - to come to the finish line and both post-race events to greet and celebrate with their fellow racers and crews.


36. All Emergency Evacuation costs for participants or crews will be borne by that person or their heirs. The race organizers are in no way liable or responsible for emergency evacuation.


37. Major rule infractions by racers or their crew, especially those regarding "cheating," will result in immediate disqualification of the racer.


38. Any of the Race Officials have the authority, at any time, to remove off the race a runner if they think that their health is at risk if they continue running. There is no "appeals committee" nor an "appeals process." All entrants in the race, and their support crews, willingly acknowledge this fact, as well as all other race rules, by attending the race in any capacity.


39. Any of the Race Officials have the authority, to disqualify if they find a runner, their crew or their pacers not complying with any of the above mentioned rules. There is no "appeals committee" nor an "appeals process." All entrants in the race, and their support crews, willingly acknowledge this fact, as well as all other race rules, by attending the race in any capacity.


40. In all cases and circumstances, it is the intent, and spirit, of the rules which will govern their implementation and enforcement.     


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