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General Race Route Information

Las 50 de San Jorge Route(50 miles)

**50KM Event to follow directions after Aid Station #2



Las 50 de San Jorge Route(50 miles)

1.       Ceiba, PR:

·         Start Line is by Roosevelt Roads Gate 1(North of Airport).
       ***GPS COORDINATES: 18.2669, -65.6381

·         Roads inside Roosevelt Roads: Forestal Drive, Tarawal Drive(**Follow Start Line Map)

·         PR-3: Continue on PR-3 towards San Juan (North/West)

·         PR-982: Turn Left on PR-982 Western direction.

·         PR-977: Turn Right PR-977 Northern direction


2.       Fajardo, PR:

·         PR-977: Continue on PR-977

·         PR-976: Bear Right on PR-976

·         PR-984: Bear Left on PR-984 ***Aid Station #1(Mile Marker 10)
      ***GPS COORDINATES: 18.3075, -65.6791

·         PR-9988: Bear Left on PR-9988


3.       Luquillo, PR:

·         PR-9988: Continue West on PR-9988

·         PR-988: Bear Left on PR-988


4.       Rio Grande, PR:

·         PR-988: Continue on PR-988***Aid Station #2(Mile Marker18): Puente Roto - El Yunque
      ***50Km Official Start Line
      ***GPS COORDINATES: 18.32689, -65.7503444

·         PR-191: Bear Left on PR-191 ***NO CREW VEHICLES ALLOWED

·         PR-9966: Bear Right on PR-9966 ***NO NOISE ZONE(PARROT SANCTUARY)

·         PR-186: Bear Left on PR-186

·         PR-956: Turn Left on PR-956 and quickly turn right to underpass of HWY-66.  

·         PR-956: After Rio Grande Plaza Mall(on right side) turn left on marginal road to PR-3 in
      western direction. ***Aid Station #3(Mile Marker 27): Baseball Park Obidio de Jesus
      ***GPS COORDINATES: 18.3771, -65.8353

·         Continue After Aid Station #3 and take the first right turn and cross PR-3. **Traffic Lights,
      High Risk Area for Runner and Crew please be careful. If no police assistance use
      pedestrian bridge.

·         PR-187R: Turn Right to PR-187R(Calle Pimentel).

·         Calle Soledad: Turn Left to Calle Soledad Northern direction.

·         Calle Dolores: Turn Right to Calle Dolores Eastern direction.

·         PR-187: Turn Left to PR-187(Calle San Antonio) Northern direction.


5.       Loiza, PR:

·         PR-187: Continue on PR-187 towards San Juan. ***Aid Station #4(Mile Marker35)
Baseball Park Fuente Pinet(Intersection PR187&951)
18.4342, -65.8766


·         PR-187: Continue on PR-187 towards San Juan. ***Aid Station #5(Mile Marker43)
Posita de Piñones – GPS COORDINATES: 18.4528, -65.9678    


6.       Carolina, PR:

·         PR-187: Continue on PR-187 towards San Juan.

·         PR-37: Bear Right on PR-37.


7.       San Juan, PR:

·         PR-37: Continue on PR-37.

·         Calle Laurel: Continue Straight to Calle Laurel(Do not stay in PR-37).

·         Calle Guerrero Noble: Turn Right to Calle Guerrero Noble Northern direction.

·         Calle Park Blvd: Turn Left to Calle Park Blvd Western direction.

·         Calle Soldado Serrano: Turn Right to Calle Soldado Serran Southern direction.

·         Calle McLeary: Turn Right to Calle McLeary Western direction.

·         Calle Kings Court: Turn Left to Calle Kings Court and continue straight to Calle San Jorge.

·         Calle San Jorge ***(Finish Line 50miles y 50Km in San Jorge Children’s Hospital).
      ***FINISH LINE GPS COORDINATES: 18.4471, -66.0627


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